India vs Pakistan

The latest India-Pak match at the 2011  world cup was a friendly one, in more than one way. The D-day as a lot of Indians would like to call it was one that brought out the patriotism in me. After explaining painstakingly to my Malaysian colleague about the two warring nations all afternoon I headed… Read More India vs Pakistan

Aaj Tak

Its literal translation is till today and is the name of a News Channel broadcasting from Mumbai, India. The point is that I have never seen or heard another news channel like it till today! One has to see to believe. A simple overcast cloudy sky will be linked to Nostradamus, his predictions. A genuine… Read More Aaj Tak

Postcard Design Competition 18/03/2011

The above three images are postcards designed for the Singapore Marine Week. The design ideation is to convey socially responsible messages using a basic geometry, in this case the rectangle. Words are used to supplement iconographic designs that are open to interpretation. Each post-card carries on it a tag-line.