IMG_0005Hello there and thanks a bunch for visiting my website! A wee bit about myself, am an architect with a deep penchant for art and all things beautiful. From projects across my current city to writing assignments across the globe I keep looking for ways to make our spaces and in effect places better. Beautiful spaces are what I love to create, spaces that are delightful, thoughtful and environmentally sound. Every project undertaken is carefully designed to be functional and timeless apart from beautiful. As an architectural writer I travel to conferences across the globe looking for inspiration and documenting spaces and places of architectural merit. 

My enthusiasm and zest for life fuel all my passions while courage fuels my creativity. Whilst I believe in the joy of laughing I thoroughly enjoy spreading the cheer and making others laugh through my dabbles in stand-up comedy. As a creative being I revel in the pleasure of making things right from a quilt to a bookcase, from a painting to a villa, from a nursing home to a skyscraper! In architecture my favorite kind has been and remains office spaces, work places, business districts, malls, retail spaces and the high looming skyscrapers preferably in a cluster. Undoubtedly New York is my favorite city, one that I am forever drawing constant inspiration from and adore. I believe in high density cities, match-box living if it means we get to leave thick rain-forests untouched.

I love making the world laugh, all inclusive of the earth and all its earthlings, waking up before the sun rises, doing my runrises :D, yoga, drawing, painting, dancing, reading, both aloud and in my mind, writing, playing golf, swimming, acting in plays, designing, public-speaking, documenting old buildings, drawing up new buildings, travelling, dressing up, socialising, meeting new people, chilling with old people, waltzing with young people, being a vegan, being size zero, manchuria with noodles, manchuria with fried rice, bungee-jumping, diving, rowing, mountain-biking, marathon-running, rock-climbing, cruise-lining, gardening, making things, buying books, clothes, jewelery, perfumes and collecting stamps on my passport!

I am in three words passionate, carefree and beautiful.

Charmed yet?

Curriculum Vitae – 2018

Vedasri Siddamsetty – CV – 2018



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