Mobile-only life!

While I flit through a dozen apps to plan my next holiday, say Club Mahindra, Kayak, Calendar,, Air BnB, Tata Neu, Taj Properties, am finding this term flashing all over Mobile-only price. With increasing apps becoming phone based, yes I am talking about Instagram the phone is getting irreplaceable and the personal computer? Defunct.… Read More Mobile-only life!

An evening in art!

Curated by the Reves art gallery, in Bangalore, set in a delightful setting by the pool at Taj Westend, with a book in my hand, the evening was a picture of literally all of my favourite things. Here are a few of the works that caught my attention. Vaikuntam is evergreen ofcourse, but two pieces… Read More An evening in art!

Alcohol art inc.

I have for the longest time in my life been against alcohol anything, well until COVID came along and then had me all-embracing the humble iso-propyl alcohol. In high school chemistry I particularly aced organic chemistry and should have found my inkling then, but two decades later I have isopropyl alcohol on my desk again.… Read More Alcohol art inc.