A beautiful yet quirky set-up

My love for long walks often assists in discovering places and finding surprises. This blog is about one such of my walks.

In Singapore I decided to wander in China Town. Expecting an overdose of red and lots of buddhist temples I started off with my camera and sketchbook. As I walked along I clicked my memories. The temples were absolutely not dissapointing. The simplicity, calmness and moreover the depth of the being surmounted all feeling. After the thousand-Buddha temple as the locals lovingly call it I look the path of the heritage China Town. It looked swanky more than heritage considering the commendable restoration work the architecture had gone through.

After a long steep climb up a hill I reached a very quaint street off the main road network. The shops lined in the heritage quarter were those of furniture, design and interiors. Undoubtedly the shops were all pretty so to say the least.

Strangelets was one such shop.

The curios in the shop are not out to save the world. But they capture the spirit of design so damn well that one is left in bemused wondrousness.

On further research (consisting only of Google!) I found the shop listed as a New York Times pick for shopping in Singapore!

Good work is usually never unnoticed I think. Kudos to these guys. All you design lovers out there :


A click away for you all to see a sample!



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