India vs Pakistan

The latest India-Pak match at the 2011  world cup was a friendly one, in more than one way.

The D-day as a lot of Indians would like to call it was one that brought out the patriotism in me. After explaining painstakingly to my Malaysian colleague about the two warring nations all afternoon I headed down to Boat Quay to catch the match with some friends. Boat Quay was packed! So to say the least. I had never previously seen so many Indians in Singapore at one time. Or rather Indians and Pakistanis. The atmosphere was buzzing so to say the least. Watching from Singapore it was the first time I got to see the tensing match with Pakistanis on the next table. Indians painted their national tricolor on their cheeks while the Pakistanis wore their team jersey with much elan! Here we were cheering and it was a match worth watching, we won.

The next innings I saw at a family friends house. Not so fierce the cheering I did here was much lady-like. The first cricket match Ive seen in a long time and so much fun. The players seemed to be having fun too, after all the pressure the smiles were really endless. 🙂


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