Go India

There is a restaurant chain in Singapore by that name. And the food there is stellar. As I took my first bite I was enticed, the second I was teased and by the third I was floored. The vegetable seekh kebab roll is awesomest. Something that I would recommend you all to try.

The roll got me thinking.

26th January 2011 was a special day. The husband and I were invited to the Republic Day Celebration hosted by the Indian Embassy in Singapore. I can probably never forget the feeling upon entering the Banquet Hall in Shangrila Hotel,  Singapore. For company we had the creme de la creme of Singapore, the affluent Indians in Singapore and most importantly the Indian Foreign Services officers. The atmosphere was completely buzzing with achievement and positivity. Conversations moved from India’s new revenue policy to the possible expansion of the Indian art scene in Singapore. Here were a bunch of people who talked ideas. Going by the look of it all, they all seemed ingrained in ideas. Great people indeed talk of ideas. The visuals and the music in the background did little more than produce goosebumps. Needless to say I felt marvellous. Business leaders, entrpreneurs and industrialists were all there making impressions on India’s premier officers.

Then on a humbler note, at the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair. I take great pride in observing that people paid more attention to the fact that I come from India. The eyes of most people literally light up at the mention of India. The severity of race classification may still be there but one cannot miss the spark in the eye. At lunch I noticed more than one instance wherein a meeting between Indians and foreigners was on. In office I cant help but smile as our Managing Director tries so hard to impress land developers from Bangalore. The receptionist was swiftly instructed to arrange for Jain vegetarian food for the entourage. So much so she came to check with me if cheese was alright. For a company so large and connected it was so endearing.

There are bound to me more such instances. A colleague of mine remarked that he would love to work in India, two others joined in the chorus. Is it just me or is the world suddenly turning Indophile? Commonwealth fiasco we think, but the world doesnt seem to care. Once again they are seeing potential where we refuse to see. There are concerns, they seem so superficial. For whats not to conquer with fire in the belly? I can almost hear the rolling of the drum beats!

Writing in from Singapore, I feel, for everyone out there.

It really is the time to Go India!


One thought on “Go India

  1. I agree with your view on India. Its only in a foreign country that Indians value their Indianess and culture. However bad conditions be SARE JAHAN SE ACHCHA HINDUSTAN HAMARA!


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