Aaj Tak

Its literal translation is till today and is the name of a News Channel broadcasting from Mumbai, India. The point is that I have never seen or heard another news channel like it till today!

One has to see to believe. A simple overcast cloudy sky will be linked to Nostradamus, his predictions. A genuine case of forgetfulness will be linked to Alzheimer’s, and how! The string of news-hosts on this channel, with their dramatised expressions and versatile tones cover everything happening in, out and around the country.

The descriptions are enough to make your day and the stories are to keep you in good spirits.

Watching MediaCorp’s channel 5 in Singapore and their simple broadcasts I miss the sensations that Aaj Tak managed to create. So much that as I saw the bland forecast of the pick-pocketeer of Singapore a dramatised version with the hardhitting words was running in my head. I couldnt help smiling.

We, the Indians love spice. In everything!


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