Why everyone should watch CODA.

Emilia Jones, Troy Kotsur, Marlee Matlin and Daniel Durant create an endearing family that is bound by several trials of life, one being that of a disability of hearing. But this Oscar-winning movie touches all the right chords, it had me in splits and then it has me tearing up and in the end it left a lasting impression. I always knew how the absence of one sense made up with other senses but this movie shows keenly how ability ably defeats disability of all sorts. More crucial that anything else we face in life the best thing to have is a disability of fear. As long as one is unafraid, one can have several gainful ways of existence. As Daniel Durant plays the brother, a lasting dialogue he says, or rather conveys when Jones asks how will he run a coop business with a disability he says that the hearers will learn!

What an attitude. After all, attitude is everything. It is touching when the family agrees heartily on letting go their only hearing member but it is even more touching when Jones sings her audition and conveys what she is signing through ASL to her family. As they look around bored, she entertains them with the glory of meaning. And then there’s Kotsur, who tries to clean the stupendous talent and ability of his daughter by feeling her neck as she sings. There are so many moments in this movie that tug at the heart. It is made excruciatingly beautifully and is entertaining all the same. A must watch I would say, there are so many ways of living a full life on this planet, with or without ability, with stability and a sense of humour. There is no end to dreaming and there are no boundaries when there is courage.