Straight-Dive at Thirty-five!

There is so much joy, pride

In very happily staying live

Carefree, blithe, living aloud

In a massively puffy cloud

No reason to whine arraign

Jouissance runs in our veins

Cheer is as cheer does shine

It makes the world spin fine

Little trickles of sparkle and twine

Tie up the best there is in line

There is beauty in a sign

When words are sublime

In the beautiful splendid rain

There is so much to gain

Smelling flowers all the same

Whatever’s there in a name

The orchestra found in nature

Subtely do create an entablature

Daffodils, carnations and roses

Spreading scents inspiring proses

Moving with the touch of wind

Peeling oranges from the rind

Happily perched on the swing

Watching the world seafaring

In a tryst with fate, keeping faith

Connecting the dots at any rate

With fizzy bubbles blown in water

Laying alacrity in thought soon after

There is absolute leisure in the mind

When one’s being is so very kind

When the ringing bells chime

It is a signalling of the going time

Making stationary a petty crime

And thus putting forward a rhyme

Traveling the world whirlwind

Is the heart’s way forward I find

No matter whatever the grind

Happiness is readily assigned

To an energetic vivacious mind

Tapping Joie de vivre around

Wisdom, knowledge profound

Going forward leaps and bounds

Loving myself the first & the most

Making myself as happy as can be

Clearing knowledgeably the coast

So much there is undoubtedly to see

How the rest of life follows on easily

When one walks out on all toxicity

Letting life surprise and inspire

Putting tools and goals aside

The stroke of luck comes alive

As the universe’s plans contrive

Quite bringing out my jingly jive

At the delightful high of thirty-five!