Mobile-only life!

While I flit through a dozen apps to plan my next holiday, say Club Mahindra, Kayak, Calendar,, Air BnB, Tata Neu, Taj Properties, am finding this term flashing all over Mobile-only price. With increasing apps becoming phone based, yes I am talking about Instagram the phone is getting irreplaceable and the personal computer? Defunct. Such is life. Am wondering like I book a slot for the gym, if I can book a slot for school for my kid soon, claimable at any centre as long as I have a 75 pc attendance clocked, again, on the app. Perhaps leaving some room for online sessions when my son can’t attend class for reasons of travel or simply on a whim.

There is no denying the fact that life is getting so easy on the phone. I can’t believe but getting me unhooked to the computer has been the biggest blessing of this decade. Gone are those shoulder pains and neck aches that plagued me all my working life in my twenties. Not to mention the dry-eye syndrome acerbated by air-conditioned offices and blue-light screens. I can literally run my world lying on a couch, am reminded of Lord Vishnu. As I sketch on my the Pad and sent drawings away in a jiffy, the computer based applications like AutoCAD I wish will increasingly better their apps, so that the personal computer can finally take a hike. I love the times we live in. But I also love having no gadgets around me from time to time. I cannot argue how my friendly neighbourhood gadgets are measuring my height, weight and even stress levels! After all what we measure, improved and there is a lot to gain my taking stock, and I am indebted to technologists who make our lives so easy app by app, one app at a time. Though taking my phone to bed with me has been the worst thing of this decade, perhaps an app can help me with that too!

P.s this weekend while brunching I was told of a friend of mine who was tricked into downloading an app on the iPhone that promised to solar charge her phone(!) I do hope that can be a reality though. Just saying.