An evening in art!

Shan Re’s

Curated by the Reves art gallery, in Bangalore, set in a delightful setting by the pool at Taj Westend, with a book in my hand, the evening was a picture of literally all of my favourite things. Here are a few of the works that caught my attention. Vaikuntam is evergreen ofcourse, but two pieces by Shan Re looked fabulous and one by a Seema Kholi. While buying art is an art, for sure, soaking in art too is an art, less exhausting though ofcourse.

Seema Kholi’s

With turkeys and other fowl for company, Kamal Pant inaugurated the well curated exhibition and the IPS officer clearly defined the role of the artist as a indispensable part of a society. To create anything, to imagine the nonexistent requires courage and creativity by that definition definitely requires courage. And the way art provides a perspective encouraging one to pause and reflect if not experience a certain bliss, for the doer and the seeer is undoubtable.

So here’s cheers to art, may we see it, may we make it, may we live with it, in it, may we experience it and thus may our lives be a work of art!