A home for the soul!

Tucked away in the leafy bylanes of Basvanagudi, Svasa Homes plays home to this delightful abode, an apartment sprinkled with a aesthetic and a vibe that transports one to the best of India. It is incredible really, like the country it takes deep inspiration from. Peppered with Chettinad columns and adorned with beautiful paintings from Rajasthan, carpets for Kashmir, this home boasts of an even delectable sight, a view of Bangalore’s leafy and cultural Basvanagudi from the 15th floor.

The entrance foyer is arresting and commanding with a set of arm chairs and a huge painting that sets the tone of the house. Covered in a patina of shiny grey paint, the walls enclose a flooring of wood conveying a warm and cultural aura in the home. The Pooja area is a glorified niche kept minimal and in balance with a Tanjore painting and a lamp. The kitchen door is an antique carved door that is an art piece in itself. The kitchen is alarmingly modern but balances itself with Atangudi tiles on the floor and a caramelised hue all over it’s fixed cabinetry and the counter top.

The bedrooms are aesthetically pleasing with beds and furniture in wood, impeccably sourced from the various parts of the country. The walls again use art and craft paying a cultural ode to the country’s vast extents. Keeping the wardrobes modern and utilitarian is a genius stroke as the sliding doors keep within them all the functional necessities in a home while blending into the walls quite effortlessly. The masterbed with an independent study unit speaks volumes of the finesse in crafted bespoke furniture.

The dining are has a gravitas of it own in a home that exemplifies gravitas. With a stunning chandelier casting light over an even more exquisite carpet, while a mega-Tanjore painting looks down at the dining table itself. The bar unit is hidden well in an heritage armoire that opens up into an elaborately well-stocked bar. In this home that resembles a temple of South-India it is only apt to have a bird’s eye view of a zillion coconut trees of the Ramakrishna Math Ashram in Bangalore.

Curated with taste of the highest order, paying keen attention to showcasing the best of India, being a visual delight, keeping to the basics, glorifying the arts and crafts of India, allowing room to breathe with classic minimalism, bringing a new definition to luxury ethnic, setting the standards of home really high, this super gorgeous home is definitely a marker of all things beautiful, all things aspirational and all things drool worthy. It makes one proud of India, it makes one proud of being Indian and presents the best of the country minus the chaos. It is so beautiful and with all the art so cultural that it becomes effortlessly soulful. It is a temple of sorts to India, to the nature of beauty and is a harbinger of inner peace.

I could not but exclaim at this point that Truth is Beauty, and a beautiful home could just inspire a beautiful life.