Master of Joy!

Ten little fingers, ten little feet

A smile from you is no mean feat

However much you are a treat

For with charm you aptly greet
As you teach me to slowly lead

In the offing is a steady steed

For all your growing up needs

And timing all your needy feeds
As an epitome of love pure love

There is the learning of true love

Like the beauty of a pretty dove

Such times fill treasure troves
For in all the loving and giving

We often find life’s beguiling 

In the arms of a lil tiny being

Who con’s all the foreseeing
There is nothing to be foretold

The future is not a thing sold

Despite all the immense cold

We are perfectly cut to the mold
Dainty is as dainty surely does

No matter all the crazy fuzz

As daylight blurs into night time

I jive to a sweet pleasant rhyme 
May you finely grow and be

A sturdy hundred and three

Super happy and carefree 

Splendidly climbing trees
A month how soon youll be

Not much to do but wait and see

Your nimbleness and harmony

And all the joy you bring to me!