Mere Paas Maa hain!

Well seriously! The romanised hindi literally translates to, I have Mom. (and that makes all the difference, thereby tilting the world in my favour) I am my Mom’s biggest fan, cause after all she brought up (with ample inputs from Dad) my most favourite person 😉 As I make great efforts to be the best version of myself, here’s a cheer to my coolest, smartest, funniest, boldest, wisest, happiest and hence prettiest Mom! Her superpower? She can find humour and laugh at anything brightening up the dullest of days.

Mom you are lit

always such a hit

There’s no decree

you cant set free

Setting an example

giving us a sample

Of how to perceive

give and receive

To be in jest

or else in rest

The passions set

in all earnestness

For in celebration

we forget to ration

Thats a good way

making us sway

Living it up fully

never once unruly

In every chance

taking on romance

A reason to dance

or simply to prance

Teaching to read

and planting the seed

Editing the write

making it right

Critiquing the art

setting the start

Charging creativity

with every activity

Finding potential

in diverse cadential

Sprinkling a special

in all essential

Making sure I love

every bit of now

All questions met

with answers set

Making me believe

in amore faati

Life’s a breeze

So joyful and free

with my Mummy

As busy as the bee

as happy as the sea

as strong as the knee

as calm as the chi

as wise as the duree

as game as the oui

as easy as the breeze

as perfect at the brie

For I strive to be

what you are to me!

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p.s these are my favourite photos in my favoritest of places, The Butchart Gardens. #happyplace #victoria #canada #happymothersday #everydayismothersday