Around the world in 25 Haikus

Presenting to you all very happily a splendid Haiku (or so) in the 5-7-5 new-age format of my top 25 countries. This is again a no-picture post, coz am hoping the haiku poems will whip up a lovely feel for you. If you have happened to travel to the following countries then give me a vote out on what your favourite was at the end of the post. Love and best wishes as always!


In the land of edelweiss

Bright springs and strings of snow white

Sheer joy and swiss bliss!


Perfect time and fine precision

Proud loud joy thats beats any deliberation

Tantalising senses through its Black-Forest!


Of fine taste and fashion

With Picasso, Eiffel and Napolean the Great

Setting always a pretty Seine!


Luscious chocolate and crispy fries,

Chandeliers, glassware, fine dining and crystal glazing,

Football fever, Snowy and mohawk-ed Tintin!


A mysterious air not forsaken

With fiery starry eyes and steely ambitions

Strong willed with untarnished gild!

United States of America

Laughter is sacred they say

With sunshine, mirth and merry they sway

A party in the USA!

United Kingdom

A language so wonderfully sublime,

With royalty and a dash of lime,

Stiff crisp upper lip no less!


La dolce vita they say,

A good life isn’t too far away,

David, pizza and pope array!

Vatican City

Swiss guards orange and blue,

Chapels cast over with a million hues,

Of Christianity and love amore!


Tomatoes paella pair the salsa,

While Gaudi whips up a nasty Sagrada,

And Columbus stirs up adventure!


In wine they clearly trust,

No matter how the masts may rust,

For many a lighthouse entrust!


Zen and the artful refraining,

Comes from many a decade of understanding,

And hours of consistent winning!


A lion here, lioness there

Knee height grass that provides ample shade

Bright red shawls and ware!


A sweet trickle of maple,

And drizzle or so of white snow,

Cheery faces and billowy throws!


By measuring the subjects’s happiness

The king surmises a quality of living

While meditating monks bring serenity!


Walling in or walling out

There is beauty in every little brow

Utterly matchless and certainly delightful!


Glitzy, pricey like none other,

Its innovative, youthful and cutting edge forever,

An island of fun!


Brighter than the brightest rainbow,

There’s a myth for every known struggle,

Chirping birds and meditative silence!


Crusty Cairo is a backdrop,

For the pyramids, camels and human livestock,

A wonder that is inexplicable!

Sri Lanka

Avocadoes by a large dozen,

Luscious green thicklet of folk lore,

A kingdom of Galle!


Islands of endless emerald wonder,

Big cities with quirky cabs hardly surrendered,

The beauties of Chiang Mai!


Spirituality is not in meditation,

But in long walks and tiring treks,

In the lofty Himalayan peaks!


A temple so very old,

That holds the might of stories told,

Poverty and ashen human genocide!


The mythology of epic Ramayana,

An empire of Gado-Gado, and the gorengs,

Reverance like never ever before!


Twin towers that perfectly balance,

A nation hosting a myriad of wealth,

Islands and cities of cheer!