Good feels, feels good!

Its a jolly day of soirees

one of squeaky noises

as with perfect choices

and wonderful voices


a day of firm reckoning

adulthood past beckoning

the future keenly forgiving

all the known misgivings


the loves very defining

many a sublime lining

knowing all the finding

thats are chiefly beguiling


life’s a bountiful platter

of peals of endless chatter

when the heart’s lighter

with mirth only mightier


for good feels, feels good

much like knocking wood

for all that we should

there’s little or more could


such joy in going by the flow

there is no need of a show

for in all the heres and knows

there’s no joy like pure snow


a chill here and a sun there

putting to rest all the care

the ups and down of fray

with neat nets of snare


for what is meant to be

no matter what we see

will come by with a key

and bring down the knee



throw caution to the wind

with a couple or one friend

with hugs and kisses send

love to every near and far end


there is so much happiness

in laughter and prettiness

twinkling of fluttering eyes

forgetting all the weary sighs


listening to a merry tune

from morning to noon

swinging all may to june

and forgetting the soon


slowness and calmness

make one a highness

for there is no less

however much a mess


the new chapter just begun

full of frolic, a dash of fun

and the shines of the sun

at the twist of thirty one!