OMB – 39 weeks!

Oh my Bump! is my weekly chronicling of this little pie baking away, and a sharing of the ebbs and flows of being two at a time. Its a wonderful journey of rising and falling hormones, the beating of two hearts, and a huge sea of change to the body. It’s love and life all the way. 


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39 weeks! Well not really complete, but short of two days the little bean decided to pop. He chose a perfect Sunday and the mid-morning hours. Just like going to work he started business at 10 am and came out a little before lunch-time! Having declared ofcourse that he (or I) were ‘too posh to push’. How much ever I tried positive thinking, prenatal yoga to stir the odds in favour of a normal delivery, there were other plans. All for the best. So au natural may well not be the best option available in life, and that’s when we would rather thank technology. A statistically low complication, and some amount of pain later here I am with our bundle of joy, jotting in the last post of OMB! A parting wisecrack, one for the road, “There are things we cannot control, and thank God for that”. As I give up control on aspects of life, I have just finished reading, Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. The takeaway from that book – Buddha recommends that we follow a non-pursuit of achievements or of feelings, instead what we could pursue is to “know thyself”! While I bury myself in endless diapers and lullabies, thank you for following my blog. Its back to business for now 🙂

Baby B: 38 Weeks and 5 days

Baby’s size? 19.6 inches

Girth: 40 inches

Plus: 17 kilograms

Maternity clothes? Yes and colorful ones now.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Full of dreams and breaks.

Best moment this week: Chilling and reading, putting my feet up and intermittent duck-squats!

Movement: A poke here and a nudge there!

Food Cravings: Aloo 65! Nice and spicy with all the scrumptuousness of Aloooo.

Gender: Its a Boy!!

Symptoms: Acne on the chin and on the forehead scarring away. Darn!

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Anxious! Calm! Exhilarated!

Loving: Music and dancing. Can’t do much though.

Reading: Born Free. But didn’t really read much.

Watched: The sunset, for like a week.

Compliments: From the doctor, on not looking pregnant at all. And yes, nice dress she said too.

Acne: No new eruptions!!

Drawing: Some pretty Sunflowers.

Dreaming of: A bony baby girl with beautiful hair.

Looking Forward To: Life with the royal babyness!!!