OMB – 38 weeks!

Oh my Bump! is my weekly chronicling of this little pie baking away, and a sharing of the ebbs and flows of being two at a time. Its a wonderful journey of rising and falling hormones, the beating of two hearts, and a huge sea of change to the body. It’s love and life all the way. 


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38 weeks! To arrive at one thing to do in life is extremely difficult, especially if you are one with a myriad of interests. However then, one would believe that happiness or enjoyment could be the moral compass to guide one all the way through life. This week was an ode to feeling, to learn to do as one feels and to follow the heart as and how it leads in consultation with the brain of course. As you do, so you feel or rather as you feel, so you do! With two weeks to go for the full term I find myself very calm and relaxed. Its as if the transformation of all the nine months are finally coming to an end. It is a much needed transformation as one prepares to bring a new life, to steady oneself to understand the responsibilities and tumultuous changes that they may all bring. If there was one goal in life it would be that of loving oneself! The festival of Kites, Sankranthi saw a rather fun Kite festival with professional fliers hosting up an array of kites into the blue clear skies. What fun! With Mary Poppins on my mind I couldn’t help but play the tune ‘lets go fly a kite’ on repeat in my head!! There is so much to do in this world, so much to see and enjoy that a zest for life, true appreciation, creativity, usefulness and giving one’s own uniqueness an expression are only but a few ways of harnessing the power of living.

Baby B: 38 Weeks

Baby’s size? 19.6 inches

Girth: 40 inches

Plus: 17 kilograms

Maternity clothes? New patterns, cuter options!

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Those very merry blissful hours!

Best moment this week: Putting on make-up after a while! Dressy eyes look and feel so good 😀 and yes, all the laughing this week came with! What joy.

Movement: A poke here and a nudge there!

Food Cravings: Mysore Bajji! Ate a whole batch and felt the heart burn literally!!

Gender: No idea!

Symptoms: Acne on the chin and on the forehead making their way out.

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Calm! Happy! Calm!

Loving: Music and dancing. Can’t do much though.

Reading: The Art of Joyful Living, and hence all the motivational posts 😀

Watched: The Post. What a fantastic movie!!

Compliments: On looking like a doll!

Acne: On a positive note, lets just say no new eruptions!!

Drawing: On AutoCAD after what seems to be a while!

Dreaming of: My Grandparents. Precisely trying to take a selfie with them!!

Looking Forward To: The Baby the baby the baby!!