OMB – 37 weeks!

Oh my Bump! is my weekly chronicling of this little pie baking away, and a sharing of the ebbs and flows of being two at a time. Its a wonderful journey of rising and falling hormones, the beating of two hearts, and a huge sea of change to the body. It’s love and life all the way. 


37 weeks! Life is for the living. So after months of reflection, the ruling is that one could possibly live in alignment and is the greatest gift of all. And as one marches to one’s own beat whatever it may be, it’s such a pleasure to live and be. Be your own they say and truly that is the best life ever. #marchtoyourownbeat #danceto yourrhythm

Baby B: 37 Weeks

Baby’s size? 19.1 inches

Girth: 40 inches

Plus: 16 kilograms (a reduction!)

Maternity clothes? Missing the crop tops and shortie shorts now!

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Those very merry blissful hours!

Best moment this week: Rendered a piece of my mind to a really dumb and wannabe person. Standing up felt so good!

Movement: Warm embraces! And some tugs. Especially felt when I cook.

Food Cravings: Cinnamon sugar french toast.

Gender: No idea!

Symptoms: Acne on the chin and on the forehead. Totally unwanted!

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? A sense of foreboding, knowing that something is coming!

Loving: Music and dancing. Can’t do much though.

Reading: Quotations!

Watched: The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Compliments: On yummyness of the food I made.

Acne: A blasphemous new one on my forehead.

Drawing: Some ideas for the ‘building for a billion’ competition.

Dreaming of: Nothing this week. Or rather nothing that I remember.

Looking Forward To: Hitting the books again after a break! Finalizing on a centre. Finally!