Fall Shennanigans


Streaks of gold
say oh lo behold

to flamed forests
inspiring sonnets

as they burst upon
landscapes of adorn

the colours they don
are a melange of tone

red brown and an orange
tamed by yellow foliage

a nature production show
setting the forest aglow

setting stage around
rustling leaves surround

whispering joys aloud
leaves fill the ground

they speak of wonder
common knowledge yonder

the purpose of life
they say is no strife

where merriment overrides
all the worries are dried

in the crinkles of life
are stories that knife

for all the tragedy
is a shroud for beauty

like the oysters pearl
is made over many a curl

comedy is but only
an irony of if only

for happy is the soul
welcoming change in all

the turn of seasons
melting all reason

in the game of life
simply turn up and jive

to the tunes inside
and the noise outside

find your rhythm
in fall or a rise

for nothing is sublime
as a pretty rhyme

or maybe a picture
with strokes a mixture

all telling the same
and never quite lame

hearing and feeling
listening and believing

‘fall’ing in love
all hand in glove

following the tide
taking in the ride

chilling and willing
all the same thrilling

the settling of sights
fishing out the rights

a vision that might
in a season of fright

bellow one last wonder
before the leaves surrender

Sparking poetic wonder
is glorious fall splendour!



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