West-coast mentality!

imageAmerica is synonymous for MacDonalds, Levis, Starbucks, Coke, Chips, Costco, Walmart, Corn and the hugely popular westernized lifestyle. The so to speak western influence seems to have crept into the every niche of the world, including even the impenetrable Great wall of China. Ironically, it’s quite interesting to note what happens in the west of the great west.

Popularly termed as the west-coast mentality, one that mostly has people belonging to the west coast of the United States living a greatly un-westernised lifestyle. Characterized by befitting antonyms of the westernized lifestyle, this mentality has the populace largely being active, outdoorsy, and nature-loving thereby considerably shunning the “american paradigm”, preferring instead to shop at organic farmers markets,  grow and cook their own food, buy handcrafted goods, indulge in yoga and breezily ride the famous californian waves. Even more, living environmental-consciously is an added bonus.

So while the new-age western Americans model the best of the world in the ever-growing west-coast, living mindfully and consciously, intelligently as well as casually, decked in yoga-pants and fleece, it’s a good time for us all to literally ape the west, if not the west-coast.

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