Keeping faith at twenty-eight!

There are dreams abound

where hopes surround

Fervent wishes are made

for grand plans laid

In a jiffy of sorts

the world comes tumbling down

Hardly any pieces remain

of the demon that’s slain

For all the tearful years 

bright rainbows cure fears

With no aim no ambition

but for a steady premonition

The tomes of years appear

like a mountain arreared

How does one trudge on

in shores of dust and grime

For a diamond is but a diamond

no consequence of its predicament

Ever trapped in a safety net

the butterfly flutters albeit

Slow to move in yonder

winning strokes no blunder

The wings come dashing out

on desires of cerebral clout

A thing or two of destiny

it’s a rather fine epiphany

A shore a new beginning

the cross-roads clearly ending

There never is a better time

to make up a new rhyme

The clocks chime in unison

as time blends a revelation

Good times round the corner

a touch of spring after November

Pretty flowers bloom together

a sign from every splendor

A lesson in patience

never comes in haste

Keeping faith for all that’s late 

wonders wait at twenty-eight!         


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