50 shades of taupe!




Nimbly wedging within the city’s famed natural rock formation, the Trident Hotel in Hyderabad is much of an architectural delight. The architect’s at C&T Bengaluru made sure that the heritage rock falling within the precincts of the site was kept intact as a strategic design move right from the very beginning.



The two fold rectangular massing of the hotel block in it’s steely demeanour looks out at the average passer-by with much reserve.



The reserve is all lost as one drives up to the hotel lobby that is largely welcoming and spell-binding. The high proportioned ceilings provide a fancy greeting, holding up the glazing looking out into a delicious portion of greenery, seamlessly bringing the outside in.



In contrast to the steely exterior breezy taupe shades extensively used in the interiors readily brighten up the interior spaces. A wall art-work at the far-end of the lobby in royal blue strikes a chord leavening up other bursts of the bright color in the decor, through flowers or cushions, the blue lends a royal touch. The art work adorning the interior spaces are themed on the city’s marvelous history. Photographs of erstwhile Hyderabad and the city’s ruling Nizams are thoughtfully spaced within the hotel. Much to the art-lovers delight it also is home to the city’s most dynamic and effervescent gallery space, run by Kalakriti art gallery.

For though one can hardly recover from the 50 shades of summery yet classy taupe running seamlessly from the floors to the walls, transforming into the staircase punctuated only by black stone robed water-bodies, the rooms specifically are a personal favorite. The decor is classy but the space is truly legendary, winning with its proportions and a generous spread of space. Though the layout is conventional, with the walk-in closet and the bathroom flanking the entrance lobby, the laisse-faire gesture of angling the solid wooden desk facing the bed as against the wall enlivens the space. All the rooms in this property are all rooms with a view! Views of Hyderabad’s bustling and happening district of Gachibowli are offered up to every guest. Watching the ever-busy youthful district of the city transform through the day is quite a treat in itself.


Through its four acclaimed restaurants, Trident whips up delicious ensembles from Italian to Indian, from continental to fusion food. In Tuscany, the Italian restaurant one could vouch for a revisit through the famous italian wood-burned thin crust pizza or the perfectly rolled cannelloni. The desserts though undoubtedly are their prized possessions!

P.s. The Chocolate mille feuille is one such recommendation for the dark chocolate lovers!



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