Sculpting spaces

With Lakshmi Nambiar at the Srishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad. picture courtesy: Gunapati Ram Mohan Reddy

Defining architects as the custodians of the built environment renowned artist Laxma Goud bellowed praise on the power and responsibility of the fraternity. While a painter, sculptor or and artist in general is never questioned upon his creation, with the end product being one focal vision, designers are usually inundated by the wants of a client. While art is commissioned design is usually dictated. In rare cases when a designer is elevated to the rank of the artist taking complete responsibility for the end product – that’s when masterpieces are created he reiterates. One that comes devoid of harmless suggestions or flippant inputs of naive bystanders, supplanted instead by determined designers taking total charge. The key word here being – responsibility, that could be only fueled by trust in a designers competency. Like Les Brown famously remarked, it is only when total responsibility is taken, the best performances are delivered in work and life.

Speaking with passion – Artist Laxma Goud

As a parallel concept it is why more and more architects are vastly embracing the design+build trend wholeheartedly taking absolute responsibility for the end deliverable. One can only then be assured of a well-crafted piece of architecture or design conceived upon a well-thought out and deliberate vision.  The purity of thought, of action, that is bold and unafriad is what creates art, if not for contagious passion, an idea not be-speckled or untarnished by the alternate.

Most of our cities are vastly lacking in a well-crafted spaces, too timid to be entrusted completely into the hands of a designer who should ideally be an artist, sculpting rather than designing, our spaces, the skylines of our cities, taking complete charge. He may be well, absolutely right.


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