A winter romance!


Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela is probably going to be getting a lot of flak on its story, for its portrayal of Shakespeare’s hopelessly romantic, Romeo and Juliet. Much to Bhansali’s credit R&J is not mostly about a brilliant story but it’s about love, that is mostly mindless and arbitrary.

Ram-Leelas biggest strength much like Romeo and Juliet are it’s protagonists, the very much in love Ram and Leela. The actors Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone do a brilliant job at the helm of affairs. While Ranveer shocks with his easy charm and unapologetic demeanor, Deepika wins the audience with her doe-eyed look and her stunningly beautiful persona. While he makes a great Ram she makes an even more brilliant Leela.

Now apart from the leads, Supriya Pathak as Baa and the Rann of Kutch are other delights in this romance. The songs unfortunately are quite a dud, with just one, the last one launching an electrifying tune in your head that probably won’t wear off for a while.

I personally loved all of Deepikas outfits, she gloriously looks like a doll all through, and the art direction. The use of guns at every instance is a bit annoying, but it sure is much less than those of the loud South Indian movies!

The convincing duo had me sitting through the entire film and I couldn’t resist but draw parallels to our literature class in school, when we studied Romeo and Juliet. The winter romance, in spite of all it’s flaws sure won over the hopeless romantic in me, just like R&J did to the 14 year old me!

P.S *spoiler ahead* such a pity they had to die. I mean Romeo and Juliet, of course! 😛


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