Just as the Great online shopping festival (GOSF) embarks on it’s third day, today, am totally and finally catching the wind of online trade. From clothes to footwear, from stationery to groceries, there is little that you cannot buy online. Its not just about buying a hard copy of books, you could now simply buy the soft copy and well, read it online too at a fraction of the price. Its no surprise then that online businesses are such a huge success, and ofcourse of great convenience. Especially with the cash on delivery option. I for one, hardly subscribe to or am comfortable with the use of plastic money. Besides online shopping does not urge you to sit in alarming traffic snarls, take a trip to any of the Indian metros and you will know what I am talking about!

Well someday hanging out at the mall is going to be passe, becoming just a tale we tell in the future. Even as restaurants and food places  have begun taking a rain-check on the malls, it may well be the beginning of the doom of the mall-culture. The definition of shopping is surely and soonly changing, much like the good old days when the thele wala would bring veggies, the kabadi wala would buy the used stuff (clearing the attic) and such. Also I would gladly subscribe to such in the changing times if it does give me an added reason to be environmentally friendly and going ‘car-free’, then really why not!

Ah and while we are at that here are some sites that have caught my fancy recently.







So well happy shopping this festive season!


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