Living with a French woman


When you actually live with someone is when you truly know them. I am assuming some wise soul said that cause it sounds familiar. So what better way to knowing the fairer sex of the French Nation than to actually living with one. And while I gathered my wits on doing all the knowing I realized a lot of things that surprised me. A lot of myths that I had were broken and a lot of surprises came forward. Here are a few that caught my fancy.

1. French women are smart. Period.
The stylish fashion loving belles are more than what meets the eye. Apart from having an immaculate knowledge on what will suit them in terms of cut, color and material they are wordly wise too.

2. They believe they deserve.
Yes and that takes a lot of believing. They believe enough to live, to put it in the mildest terms, unapologetically. They do as they fancy and much as they wish.

3. They dress well.
Now that would hardly be an understatement. But apart from all the dressing they even carry themselves off with such aplomb. Whether it comes down to the right shade of pink, just the enough touch of gold or the right number of rivets driven into their boots. It’s all there in the right measure of scale and proportions.

4. They read, a lot.
On the bus, on the train, in a cafe, in bed, and practically everywhere. Unlike Asians they are hardly glued to their phones, playing candy crush or not. The cellphone is just that, a phone! With sensible government policies, books and bookshops are all encouraged. And besides here is where the lovely ‘Shakespeare and Company’ bookstore is located.

5. Products, products and products.
When it comes to skin care and beauty products, they indulge. It’s like they know the importance of pristine skin. Or maybe because they smoke so much, they somehow find the need to fork out on large doses of skin care products.

6. They love living the life.
Not firm believers in fast lives they actually are those rare kind of people who take time to stop and smell the flowers. From having 35 working hours in a week to bumming around in cafés they seem to get a grasp of finer things in life.

7. They bring up well behaved children.
And when children do end up throwing a tantrum the french woman calmly waits and absorbs, speaking ever so politely all through. There are no screaming and yelling sessions by the french mothers! Might I say how classy it is!!

8. They take an interest in the arts.
Whether it’s painting, theatre or simply a soprano, french women make sure they feed their souls with art, almost every now and then. And besides no one house is devoid of an easel. The focus may not well be on being a Vinci, but its all about a brush with art!

9. They eat flavorful food.
All french food is bland one may think, but let me warn you it’s bland if you are the types looking for a fistful of chilli in all your food, but even without the chilli it is terrifically flavorful. And moreover they eat with such respect for food, even in front of the television its with all the settings of a fine dining restaurant. Binge eating is probably unheard of.

10. They do and will warm up to French.
And that is the ultimate way of getting through to them. Even if they see you trying your ‘Bon jours’ and your ‘merci’ they will immediately flash you a lovely francophilic smile and will immediately switch to english! By Jove, yes!

11. They look for love.
Ardently, feverishly and passionately. It’s so much about looking for and finding love and fondness that we all hope we will find. And well if not for anything, to love, there always will be Paris!

12. They smoke. Oops chain smoke.

Tch Tch. For all the non-smokers here’s a thing or two to be wary about. Apart from all the healthy food the French eat and the pounds of lipstick they probably use through a lifetime, another alarming fact is the amount that they can smoke!! Its not so unusual to find the pavement covered in cigarette butts at popular spots within the town. Well it must be quite stressful to live in such a picture perfect place I guess!

13. They can truly be snobs.

But here’s the good thing, its more like they can be snobs only if they truly wish to be.

14. They are truly franc!

There’s a good reason why France is called ‘le franc’. Its mostly and largely because the French are really frank, honest and largely very forthcoming. There are no false tones. When things can be done they nod, “its possible” and when things cant be done they nod, “not possible”! So simple.

One week may have been a tad too little to fully grow a French skin, but hey, a lifetime may not even do the trick. Just like one can only be born a Hindu, one can only be born a Frenchwoman! Ooh la la doesn’t even sound the same otherwise 😀

P.s and the most wondrous of them all, they are not shopoholics and they do not have a closet full of stuff. Now that is because the average French woman buys only quality stuff that ends up staying perfect for ages, allowing them to have airy and light wardrobes, with enough clothes for every occasion. Besides most of them make it a point to fit into the same sizes all through life!

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