Once upon a time to happily ever after…

So my new post comes after quite a hiatus considering that blogs are supposed to be an everyday affair.

The truth is Ive been having a couple of rough days. Too much brooding and worrying. If only worry was a switch and I could turn it off. Looks like I cannot!

So I took a trip to an ice-cream parlor. Ice-creams are one of my favorite things. To top it all I went to one of the best marketed ice-cream store that I have ever seen. Its introduction came like a couple of weeks ago. When lunching at Ion Orchard I noticed a kiosk with a blast of purple. Its not like am crazy about purple but the frenzy around the stall caught me eye. Fact is that am not totally blessed with a sweet tooth, I even doubt if I have a one-half of it. But my observation came handy today. The store is called “Once upon a milkshake” and no three dots do not follow the last word. Metaphorically I wondered if it meant all troubles end there??

At the counter I noticed a great thought over the design of the counter was made while the chirpy assistant was a pleasure to deal with. A little purple back wall behind the assistant enrobed in green creepers added that wee bit of enormous class. Predictably I choiced upon a flavor that would record that highest percentage of chocolate. I wanted to kill the sadness in one shot! The milkshake that ensued was crazy thick and extremely milky. As it slowly slid down my throat it felt like I was walking up the steps of heaven. But unfortunately as the straw reached the end the steps ended. Bliss followed for some moments. As does all comfort food its effect waned and I was flown first class into reality!


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time to happily ever after…

  1. I scream you scream we all scream for an ice cream
    Some thing which keeps people screaming for more, don’t you think will make you scream for more and more?????

    The observation of the kiosk,and around it made by you would be for once,next time you go there you would be missing the stairway to heaven.

    Try observing people around you when you go there.
    One of real stress busters


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