It’s December!

This is when we would start practising the annual Christmas play, which would be centered on the Birth of Jesus, the gift of the Magi or some such. At home I’d be bullied by my brothers on how unhindered my Christian knowledge was becoming. But the spirit of Christmas today seems to be more than… Read More It’s December!

Goa live.

There is something in the air of Goa, apart from the fact that there is lot of water vapour in it considering the beach is rather close, the apparent chill climes are what attract people in droves. In the peak season, Goa is unbelievable, the crowds are massive and unless one is staying in W,… Read More Goa live.

16 Bedouin

Phew! With all that traveling we decided to nestle close to Bangalore in another luxury tent and then a tree house. Well, I am talking about a highly Instagrammed place, sold so marvelously on the outskirts of Bangalore in Tamil Nadu, October was a month of tenting for us as we shuttled between the Kabannas… Read More 16 Bedouin


The landscape of Cappadocia mainly lies in the Eastern part of Anatolia, the stunning rock formations were once molten lava cooled down and weathered over millennia. The resulting effects of rocky earth in a semi-arid region all endowed with fairy chimneys, towering palaces, and busy trails making the region the most Instagrammed place of all… Read More Cappadocia


A heavyweight city wedged between two continents, Istanbul is a heady concoction of several flavors all from not just different parts of the world but also from different timezones. The main part of the city or the old part of the city, the areas of Sultanahmet, the Beyoglu, Karakoy, Bebek and Taksim in the European… Read More Istanbul


The Bosphorus Strait divides the continents of Europe and Asia, also dividing Istanbul into its European side and its Asian side. It is the narrowest strait in the world used for navigation, and along with Dardanelles Strait in the end of the Sea of Marmara together they form the Turkish Straits. The Golden Horn or… Read More Bosphorous


The Mausoleum of Ataturk or Anitkabir is an ode to the Father of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal. It sits atop the Rasateppe or Observation hill in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, overlooking the rest of the city meeting eye-to-eye with the most modern developments in Ankara. It is a stunning piece of architecture that is regal… Read More Ankara