Fluid is the new solid.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of putting my hands and mind to a new style of acrylic art, minus the paint brushes and with an addition of a pouring medium. Fluid art has caught on a new flight along with alcohol ink art and resin art, all these three forms of art do away…… Continue reading Fluid is the new solid.

Alcohol art inc.

I have for the longest time in my life been against alcohol anything, well until COVID came along and then had me all-embracing the humble iso-propyl alcohol. In high school chemistry I particularly aced organic chemistry and should have found my inkling then, but two decades later I have isopropyl alcohol on my desk again.…… Continue reading Alcohol art inc.


By Dan Cruickshank A history in 100 buildings. I am an architect, a building enthusiast, a connoisseur of fine spaces and at times fine books, and with this I have certainly struck gold by all accounts. Dan Cruickshank is a British Journalist and much like me an architectural aficionado, but with this particularly incredibly researched…… Continue reading Architecture.

How will we live together?

The 17th Venice Biennale’s Architectural division asks that very question and countries across the globe with a pavilion playing ode to each of their countries tries to answer that very question within the climes of architecture. The question remains a pertinent one considering the pandemic situation across the globe and every country tries to answer…… Continue reading How will we live together?


Now, here comes an Oscar-nominated and winning in one category, that of the best supporting actress, which deserves a watch for sure. Minari is so sweet, so subtle and so quaint. The Koreans have taken the digital world by storm and in effect the world at large, but this movie that highlights the ties of…… Continue reading Minari

The age of Clinical Minimalism.

In fashion there are fads, in architecture there are trends, in life there is both, fashion and architecture and ofcourse fads and trends. While one cannot really pay much attention to fads or trends, one cannot ignore fashion or architecture. It’s been a while since Van de Rohe proclaimed that, “Less is More”, an adage…… Continue reading The age of Clinical Minimalism.

White Kashmir!

For the average 90s kid, Kashmir, meant unrest, a slew of news revolving around the militants and the military, peppered by geography lessons of the Himalayas, the Pir Panjal range, the cultural aspects of the beautiful people, succulent apple orchards, salubrious summers, picturesque winters comprising of pherans and kangdis, political unrest followed by a hard-won…… Continue reading White Kashmir!

The thing about Chronotypes

Listening to the masterclass by Matthew Walker on sleep I stumbled upon the whole idea of living as per one’s Biotime and the idea of the Chronotype. While I have always preferred to do certain activities at certain times, I could not have been more convinced by the biotime concept put forward by Micheal Breus.…… Continue reading The thing about Chronotypes

Giac Ngo!

When I last attended the World Architecture Festival in 2013, in Singapore, I was particularly charmed by the work of a new crop of Vietnamese Architects. One firm who’s work caught my attention was Vo Trong Nghia architects who work closely with nature, all their buildings have one tenet and that is to include nature…… Continue reading Giac Ngo!