The Kind Diet

Being vegan or rather turning vegan occurred to me when I watched a documentary film titled, “Forks over Knives”, who’s basic premise was eating plants and plant-based and hence using a fork wins over eating meat which primarily requires knives. The film was so darn engrossing and informative that being vegan made total sense to… Read More The Kind Diet

Shillong 3.0

“Veda loves Shillong so much, she’s come here for the third time,” said Ibynta. “Ibyn I love you not Shillong so much, that I’ve come here for the third time,” said Veda. And thus even though I abhor going to the same place twice, just like lightening does not strike the same place twice, yeah… Read More Shillong 3.0

Cheering on charity

Parineet Wakhru could still hear the stadium cheers long after the match. The joy of winning was one thing but the sounds of cheers absolutely another thing. Football was in his heart long before he became a prodigy. Winning India a place at the FIFA was not on his agenda but it just happened. The… Read More Cheering on charity

Fairy faith

Tobias skipped over two stones and splashed his feet in the stream of water hopping on a leg before breaking into a complete sprint. A dashing 5-year old, he had all the energy on his life running through his veins. A very happy-go-lucky affable child, he loved being in the great outdoors as they call… Read More Fairy faith


The story of Padmavati, the Queen of Chittor is very popular. Not only because she outwitted the beastly emperor Alauddin Khilji, but also because she committed Sati, an act of self-immolation to protect oneself from imminent brutality from the enemy. While it may seem difficult to end one’s life and it sure takes courage, at… Read More Fort-Itude

Dear Prudence.

There were so many things that Aria loved and one of them was talking. As she settled onto her aisle seat, scrambling all the bags together she looked around for her fellow travelers. It was going to be a fourteen-hour ride across the Pacific Ocean, and landing in LA was going to be so much… Read More Dear Prudence.

It’s December!

This is when we would start practising the annual Christmas play, which would be centered on the Birth of Jesus, the gift of the Magi or some such. At home I’d be bullied by my brothers on how unhindered my Christian knowledge was becoming. But the spirit of Christmas today seems to be more than… Read More It’s December!