The playlist

In the last line of the limited series of Spotify, The Playlist, Daniel Ek says, when he thinks of the negotiations, he feels that he should have said that this is the future and if you want to be with us then you have to be with us on our terms. Basically he says that he shouldn’t have listened to people for things to have been better. But every tech company has a mammoth number of people it listens to, investors, the shareholders, the board but it doesn’t listen to the people who use these services. The users are the commodity, their data is mined and sold, when we ran out of land to mine, there are people and soon there will be something else. In fact tech companies tell their users what to do, supplying them with content that they apparently cannot refuse. I am one of them, the commodity I mean, in fact I cannot blame the tech companies, even plain Jane hoardings across the city can spark my curiosity and hence interest in most things. As I flex by abstinence muscle there are a huge bunch of influences I may have to stay away from, not to mention the influencers. I am told that the influencer market is almost inching towards the construction market in the world. The millennials certainly prefer experiences over anything else!

But honestly the Playlist, made me feel like I was watching the Social Network itself, probably every company in the Silicon Valley feels like it is absolutely hedonistic with a very sinister personal agenda. Digital communism then becomes an aforesaid notion, but then what is life without capitalism, ofcourse the musicians make the music, but Spotify makes sure it is seamless, enjoyed across devices across time and for that they probably charge a royalty and pretty much should. The middle man seemingly has become the main man. If you don’t want to fight, walk away, if you do not want to support something walk away. But can we really walk away from Spotify, Facebook, Twitter or whatever else there is? Can we actually walk away from the future to make some sense? Well it’s all until the next dawn of civilisation catches up, perhaps it will be hinged on morality or liberty. Knowing history that seems very unlikely. Exploitation against oil, coal, diamonds, animals, trees, crops, intellectual copyright and now finally data, where is the end? While we seem so busy making our lives more convenient with technology many we traipse back to the essence of humanity, even if the rich get richer and the poor poorer, let there be a twinge or perhaps more of humanity in every gesture. After all kindness is contagious as they say. That may spell some hope and that may be the future we all would want to walk into!