16 Bedouin

Phew! With all that traveling we decided to nestle close to Bangalore in another luxury tent and then a tree house. Well, I am talking about a highly Instagrammed place, sold so marvelously on the outskirts of Bangalore in Tamil Nadu, October was a month of tenting for us as we shuttled between the Kabannas and the Machan or the tree house fabricated by Loom Crafts Bangalore. The Treehouse was a welcome stay for of course, the view is always better from the top! But on that note, I must say that for all the joy that Instagram brings it mostly fabricates a story (well that sounds better than stating the fact that it tells a lie!), so at the Kabannas in Bedouin we were greeted to luxury tents, well in the pictures we saw a hint or an angle of the space, while in reality we saw 360 degrees of views that werent too kind. But the most beautiful part I must say and everyone would completely agree with me is that of nature. Time spent in nature is not just healing but it is also the most worth it of all. The only flora and fauna we were treated to were what we’d have in any urban setting, but were able to pause and notice them better.

Having nothing to do though is a boon at times and this was such a time. With a tiny pool at our disposal and not a much obliging weather we lapped in the pool for a bit before retiring indoors or heading for a walk. The part that I found most intriguing is the fact that the hospitality space built within a gated community being open for business! That someone could think of leasing out a plot in an enclosed gated community turning it into a money spinner is quite a win. Not having plots sitting as just idle investments is quite another thing. Just as slices of the investment is being put to some fantastic use, the marketeers of the concept property project partial views of the space to entice people to spend a night or a weekend at the tent accommodations with a tiny pool to unwind in. Just like Instagram allows one to view others lives in parts or through filters, wouldn’t it be lovely to view our own lives in rose-coloured filters! The only entertainment at 16 Bedouin are the cows that take an early morning walk on the neighbouring property, or rather some city cats who have retired to Hosur and hence the climes of Bedouin. It is an example of an extremely well marketed place, like they say a good salesman can even sell the Taj Mahal, but the reality is quite different. Here’s to the people who are not influenced by the influencers, and happily so, will probably stay far away from Bedouin!