Alright and the Queen dies so God Bless the King and in all its mighty history it’s time that King Charles does finally what ought to be done during India’s independence. Yes, return the Kohinoor and probably a mighty of the other loot that was taken from the country. It could be gesture of gaiety and wonder that could set diplomacy ties into a flurry. Britain was never India’s aide, from the east India company to the 200 year period of rule that followed India was looted at best and broken at worse. The partition may have not been necessary at all.

But coming back to the Kohinoor, a diamond mined from the Deccan Plateau during the Kakatiya dynasty between the 12-14th century is is about 793 carats uncut. From the Kakatiya dynasty it is said to have reached the hands of the Mughals, the Persians and the Afghans. The Sikh maharaja Ranjit Singh brought it back to the climes of India after having bought it. It was during the annexation of Punjab forcibly that it reached the hands of the East India company who snatched it from the 10-year old king Dunjeep Singh. The company then probably forcibly handed the diamond to the Queen, on whose Queen Mothers crown it sat on over the many years that followed.

While Elizabeth the II’s largest claim to fame may have been keeping the monarchy relevant, in turn the crown relevant, the royal family of England is today mostly a sentiment. And with that sentiment alone I believe it’s their imperative duty to return visible signs of plunder and loot rather than adorning them in the crown. As Britain ushers in new eras, modifying the roles of the royals, it’s time they modify the crown too. Why the palace rooms have been refurbished many times over just as the Crown Jewels have been rotated. The Church of England too has been quite lenient when it comes to the personal lives of the royals. Why even the Princes and Princesses are given privacy and allowed to wear jeans, the women aren’t corseted anymore.

While there have been different Kings and Queens in the past, all bringing their uncharacteristic doom or glory, it’s their vivacity to adapt that still has over a million viewers watching their personal events whether them be weddings or funerals. They could remain the heads of their states but nothing that belie the fact that the United Kingdom is a democracy. Wearing stolen jewels could only spring bad luck, one must never underestimate the power of gemstones, in India there is a whole industry based on altering one’s stars by the generous use of gemstones. As Liz Truss helms modern day England, King Charles and Queen-consort Camilla begin their crowned roles, Prince William and Princess Kate dote on their kids in a park, Harry and Meghan return to their chores, it’s time the Brexit star mends a few of their wrongs and that can start with a #returnthekohinoor among other things.