Project focus 04: Naresh & Bhavna Residence

Project Data Type: Naresh & Bhavna Residence

Location: Bangalore, India

Area: 3200 sft

Year: 2022

Photographs: Self

Designed with a keen eye for detail, this “Eccentric Minimalist” home for four, a couple and their two lovely daughters, captures the essence of beauty in its every nook and corner. Custom-made cabinetry swathe the walls while sculptural partitions make for a duality of space. The entrance to the home is flanked by a swanky wall-paper, in cheery welcome and opens up to the living room. The living room, with its concrete and metallic feature wall, is closely curated with elements of color and plants, to frame the cabinetry that is inspired by the gardens of yore. The metal frame cabinets in clear proportions play canvas to the families curio collection that comes down several decades. The living area opens into a green balcony that brings in perfect westward light all through the day. Designed circular light fixtures frame the ceiling and wash the wall with a medley of ambient and focused light. The Pooja cabinet looks into the eastern part of the living room. It is framed by a golden frame and is designed to hold the family Gods apart from the bells and the lamps that are lit everyday. The open kitchen is flanked by a utility area and the dining room. The dining table is a sculpture in its own right with a resin art and solid wood top and a metal brass bottom. The resin art table is an ode to the beauty of the universe. The commissioned art piece is designed to artistically interpret the universe.

The metal frame concept from the living room, is carried into the kitchen and then the dining as the open metal shelves punctuate the boxy cabinetry that is essential for storage in a home. The break in syntax is entirely flourished with a subtle interplay of color in the laminate. The dining area is further highlighted with a peppy yet subdued wall paper, some funky graphics that echo with the sentiment of the owner and a blast of accessories that are both calming and inspiring. The plant in the cabinet is then just absolutely earthing. The girls bedrooms pay special attention to the study area making the study units a place of wonder. In one of the initial briefs the client mentioned how his daughters, the girls would not study if they didn’t have to, and it would like to pack in book shelves or a study that would inspire study! With that brief in mind, and my love for studying in general, we worked on bringing in as much life into the study areas. While one room takes to the power of linearity, the other room leans into the power of symmetry. The color scheme of one room leans into the calming blues, purple and pink, the other hinges on the background of light turquoise and mauve against the grainy textures of wood. The master bedroom is both stylish and suave in its own right. With deep rich colors delighting the walls, the deep wooden smoked chestnut furniture crackles the space just as a golden line streaks across the headboard wall vertically. Every bed is designed to fit into the vocabulary of the room specifically. The master bedroom looks out to a terrific sunset as we hope the sun never sets in the home of these glorious people!

The language of this design in Interiors is Eccentric and is Minimalist to a large extent, doing away with the unnecessary but showcasing the essential very happily. It speaks a design language that is quite aspirational yet deeply rooted to the climes it is set in. The beauty of it keenly inspires in the dweller a feeling of joy, of sheer joy. Happiness is an important by-product of Eccentric Minimalism, the ratio and proportions of which mostly inspires. With a touch of class, a vibe that turns on the bass, accessories having a blast, the home hopes to play host to memories that last!