Your Royal Bookness!

Named after a book, that literally is a tome of wisdom, books have always meant a lot to me. Reading one, writing one, writing in one, holding one, decorating one, drawing in one they have always been a part of my life. Belle of Beauty and the Beast has been my favorite disney princess, not because she was brave and had a heart of gold but basically because she had her nose stuck in a book and hence I deduced that she was brave and had a heart of gold. The people who read are the world’s best people I surmised and counted myself as one ;). Whether it was Born to Run that inspired and coached me to run my first 10K or The Art of Creative Watercolor that taught me the nuances of painting with watercolors or Pride and Prejudice that left me mighty prejudiced or very recently Becoming by Michelle Obama that elucidated with great alacrity the solution to an RBF (yes a resting bitch face), books have got me doing a great many things, planted ideas, provided therapy, improved my vocabulary, got me to be patient, saved many a rainy day, introduced me to fabulous adventures, made me ambitious, made me empathise, many a time sympathise, took me to various places and have literally been my favourite of all places to bury my nose into. And needless to say much to the chagrin to my ever sensible Dad I ended up being true to my name an open book!

So it isn’t a matter of great surprise that on this wonderful World Book Day I am launching without much fanfare but to a beat of drumroll my very dear ode to the fine art of reading. Your Royal Bookness, is everything to do with books. A book review, a published book, a poetry read, a story told, a world made, an idea sowed, a play envisaged, a web serie, a manuscript editing, a proof reading, a book exchange, a homage to Shakespeare, a gift of the gab, a gift of the tab, a debate brewing or a quaint book club. A humble beginning, an ambitious forthcoming.

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There really is no difference between literature and architecture or an author and an architect. #justsaying

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ah well.

p.s. I am after all utterly blue-blooded when it comes to books!