Sparkly two, 32!

Flash them all as they say

let the pearlies save the day

bringing the clan in the fray

leaving not even one astray


the wisdom of all in the neigh

comes with time and the grey

not to touch upon all the play

and he options to clearly weigh


there are no blacks or white

so hold on stay back sit tight

take light dismiss all the fright

when you know you are right


happiness is a warm puppy

ask my son for hes a yuppy

it also is a snowy slope ski

or well simply a kempenski


what an atrocious year its been

where I have been drama queen

so much love and much to preen

and lots of shoulders to easy lean


a year of plentiful elemental sacrifices

of humbling tones and absent vices

a quickening dealing of all the crises

rolling at once very many dices


the fire that melts the raging steel

also causes many a once a kneel

bringing about a thousand feels

playing on loop the many reels


life is very much for the living

not to mention all the giving

a pinch or two of make-believing

cackling tackling and babbling


its a time when wisdom has come

and the lights shine very gleesome

there is no need to be lonesome

for the micro-ness turns handsome


the good old marvellous time returns

and the deep blue oceans churns

lots of action and blithe adventures

for the very daredevil creatures


as I ghastly frown upon the FOMO

I even turn down the trendy JOMO

its indeed the very time to go more

do more be more see more feel more


there is no joy in missing out

there is but joy in listing out

pouring making feeling out

giving taking connecting out


for the verb in human existence

makes the life a present tense

see it all through the golden lens

and then it begins to make sense


the verb is ahead of the adjective

although its all very subjective

the plaintive is only held captive

when he remains sordidly passive


to do is to live to be is to give

time tide side or simply a ride

in action there is never a snide

slow fast with or without a slide


as I wrap up another chapter

the year of massive character

of crazy blurs and some error

getting back to the protractor


looking up to another crossing

with a ton or two of blessing

and a step with a delight spring

asking whoever can to bring


good fortune love and kindness

and a lot of shimmery brightness

booming luscious boisterousness

for the radiant regal royal highness


giving up caking and making up

the fresh cream whipped dollop

embracing all the darling hiccup

the naturalness begins to develop


there is not much to life than mirth

save for later the ineluctable girth

wear now the fashionable shirt

for there is still so much earth


taking along the happiness advantage

there is so much fun with the vantage

mending the fence building the bridge

and appreciating the pumpkin carriage


for people do as persons does

at times sincere sometimes a fuss

but there is always a stable truss

when there is buzzing census


slow to anger hard to please

fast to anger lifes then a breeze

come easy go easy is the phrase

phases are then just a craze


love and laugh is the prescription

the dentist, surgeon or paediatrician

they never leave without a question

did you or not take some action


laugh out loud if you hate the gym

and banish all blues and the grim

for there is no more a iniquitous sin

than to never bear a mighty grin


happy is not happy unless shared

if you there is not one who cared

for there never is a loser who dared

not there is a winner who despaired


its a turning tango of the twos

making me want enormous shoes

biting off much more than can chew

is the recipe for making of a shrew


washing  the bum of a little chum

teaches patience love and some

entertaining with the drum

makes for a very sore thumb


watch the children as they grow

for in time youre all theyll know

and when they come in tow

youll know the reap in the sow


the wait is long and time plenty

for the maiden whos very dainty

the lesson is presented in the acne

a keen reprimand to never be angry


and then the lesson of abcs foray

always be cheerful as they say

the rules of the land they lay

in the twirls of the pretty ballet


keep swimmin swimmin swimmin

just do your job and be brimmin

get on top of things happily winging

eyeliner, marathon, life swinging


when friends are few mostly true

there is no reason to feel a blue

the gorgeous love and all the crew

at the sparkly brink of thirty-two!