When the meteor hit my son..

Well technically it was a branch that whacked my 5-month old baby on the head and another twig that tore through his arm but the magnitude that had on my life was nothing short of a meteor. For starters it woke me out of my slumber, broke the massive block in my head and got me back to life. Some of us are very protective of our children while others are very protective of our lives. While it is important to have our priorities right, most times it is simply right to trust our gut, cause as they say energy never lies. While my little fellow may have forgotten the incident, he does have a battle scar that he may question me about when he grows up! While it is largely unbecoming to question the counsel of an infant’s mother, it is more than just disrespectful to pay no heed to her repeated requests. That’s probably just how tiger moms are born and how the human race survives. Its not a survival of the fittest, rather the survival of the luckiest. 😃