Thank you for not sharing!

Suddenly at a noted monumental structure I watched a woman click away incessantly at something that caught her fancy and I thought, all those pictures, first on her phone, then her system, then instagram and then all over social media, all that information, well something I would do too. Quite normally, this incessant desire to share, this information overkill, this desire to be not-forgotten, this relay of personal information all over social networking, this sharing of opinion rather over-sharing of information dulls out the life of the moment. The moments spent on documenting life for future reference kind of shortens the joy of the present or even the sadness of the present, its like constantly taking notes in class instead of simply being in the moment and listening. What a pity!

True one can always look back on the gazillion journals, the impeccable documentation with pride and understand for the record musings of the past. Drawings for instance, or work for that matter. It would be selfish to not share one could argue. After all information is power, and lending power to others is a noble thought. But psychologists say its not all facebook’s fault, oversharing often happens when we try to control our anxiety! There you go, its all a matter of comforting our nerves. The ease of storage of data makes one hardly filter, purge or weed out and keep only what is absolutely essential, much to our chagrin inspiring the hoarder in us! The art of curating needs to now make a steady comeback.

Its true, the best moments of my life, the most memorable ones have happened when I didnt snap a picture of it coz you can guess where exactly my mind was then – in the present! Not planning for a documentation of the future. Life isnt meant to be documented and looked at, its meant to be lived in the present, and happily.


P.s lessons on the road. Urban scape. Roadspirations.


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