A twist in time, at twenty-nine!

Its time for a line

with sugar and lime

With sun in my eyes

Lo! its summertime


Of cheery toasts

and wondrous woes

With stars in sight

across the night


A pleasant sign

of a cheery time

Is a want of rhyme

dozen a dime


Of sticks and stones

that break no bones

Its a rhythm divine

for the fiery clime


A deep gold mine

with tumbling signs

And withering sights

across white nights


The joys of life

come from thine

A borough of jive

in mirth sublime


With reasons alive

in buttery trine

To jest in time

and rest other hive


To bubbly delight

and shimmering light

There’s always a time

for a merry line


With glittering shine

from hues so fine

A fine twist in time

at tiding twenty-nine!



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