A Wabi-sabi line


The impermance of things

causes many a wince

For forever we wonder

before we duly surrender

As we break our bread

for the beauty of dining


Engaging wholly the dread

instead of simply whining

Many things done and said

in time for all the shining

In our eulogy to the dead

may we not forget the living


But the Japs know best

amongst all the rest

In all their glorious culture

the brakes and acupuncture

The beauty of imperfection

is given more than a mention


The broken pots mended

with gold and silver gilded

Transforming forever

while turning the lever

From the besotted past

to the effervescent future


Saving the best for the last

minus the beguiling torture

The beauty is in the now

for there are lawns to mow

No where a splendid low

is ever replaced by a wow


The transient nature of things

tides over all the misgivings

Ensuring a life of wonder

one of total surrender

To the might and plight

without much of a fight


Absorbing and feeling

the sensory beginnings

Amidst all the reeling

the joys of all winnings

Lies in the ever-changing

brick, mortar leavenings


Those turn of innings

ensuring blithe printings

Lest the words of the rabi

maketh a man of dobbie

In embracing the change

letting go all the fame


The lessons of the range

has no space for lame

Bustling with integrity

and all the nitty-gritties

The notion of wabi-sabi

of never a blessed sorry


For the wrong maketh right

the cracks let in the light

Whether in the kitsugi jars

or stories from land afar

The mistakes bring us near

the flaws and the arrears


Carving a beauty in sight

and memories sublime

There is boundless might

in kindness coming alive

Gluing together the pieces

celebrating with reeses

The impermance of time

with a wabi-sabi rhyme!



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