Tea in Boston!


Though am totally smitten by Harvard, the university, the place, its only a part of the greater phenomenon called Boston! The Boston tea-party not sufficing, which was the first and the bravest attempt to oust the East India company, an event that sparked the American Revolution. Visiting Boston in the Fall season, is a visual treat ofcourse, but visiting a great photographer in Boston in the Fall season, means the unforgettable visual treats continue far into time, as I get to share the beautiful day many months later too!!

So here are a few clicks by the very talented mademoiselle, Sumedha and I can hardly summarise the beautiful fall colours we were treated to.

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Later strolling around the Boston Commons, we were treated to another visual spectacle, brides and bride-grooms by literally the dozens! Wedding magnets as I would love to tag Sumedha’s beautiful family, we saw a dozen or so couples taking wedding pictures all around in Boston commons, a park that is the pride of downtown Boston. Long-haired brides, short-hair brides, brides in white, brides in pastels and even a bride in spectacles, were all a part of that beautiful day. Taking in the scenery, the swans in the ponds, the brown carpet of leaves, and smiling to the posers, blue skies and rustling trees made up the pretty picture, the glorious scenery. Walking across Boston’s many cathedrals and the up-market shopping district, we landed up for a party of our own, minus the tea and plus the chocolate at the very effervescent Max Brenners! The chocolate man does know a lot about his trade. Settling in for a fondue, the fried banana was the most sinful of all the combinations, but strawberries a classic favorite! Milkshakes, spiced chocolate, fruit chocolates and you name it, its there. Though the universities and institutes of higher learning are the pride of Boston, it is also tremendously well-planned and charming of all the east-coast cities. The Charles river, a shimmering skyline and the Boston Commons ofcourse!


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