Its Victoria!

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Named after the hugely powerful and affable queen of England and off Canada’s Pacific Coast and slighting over seven and a half square miles in area is lodged the Garden City of Victoria also fondly referred to as the City of the Newly weds and Nearly Deads! Thats mostly because the island county floating off the coast of Vancouver has a population that exceeds in the old-moneyed old people and the noveau-rich young bloods. Hugely expensive, even more than Vancouver, and super pretty, this island is blessed abundantly by exquisite flora and a temperature that fosters, believe it or not, nicety. While Canadians are mostly easy-going and extremely pleasant, Victorians from British Columbia are of the highest rung where behavior is concerned. Hat-tipping pleasantries of the past have been taken over by citizens who take genuine and a boastful pride of their glorious city. Attribute it to the time they spend in nature, playing a sport and paying utmost respect to nature in their living styles. Add to that a great taste in living.

While our very friendly chaperon chatted away how it’s the best place to women to grow up and live, I couldn’t help noticing architectural details around town. Neat and crisply finished all the buildings and town-planning in general are very quaint, stylish and environmentally inclined. B.C in Victoria B.C. stands for bring cash he jokes, instead of the legal British Columbia. The expense because the island, though insanely beautiful ferries across nearly everything for the absence of a road connection from mainland Canada, from Vancouver, about a hundred kilometers across. The distance and the intentional disconnect add to the island’s charm.

The age-old Empress Hotel and the British Columbia Parliament Building are sights in the inner harbor that also plays host to swanky and top-of-the-line yachts docking in. Every year the harbor attracts top yachting talent during the Swiftsure International Yacht Race. While we looked on Leonardo Di Caprio’s good-looking yacht docked snuggly while the actor shot for the upcoming flick, the Reverant in nearby Alaska. Lined in festivity the Parliament building looked every bit presentable. In the shopping quarters of Victoria I was totally smitten by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory a store that boasted of the gourmet chocolate dipped apples apart from maple-flavored fudge brownies. A haven for the not-so-average chocolate enthusiast.

At the Craigdarroch Castle, the English-roots of British Columbia are keenly felt. The Victorian-era scottish-baronial mansion boasts of massive stained glass, ingenious structural prowess and views to behold. Not ancient by any means, it is a National Historic Site of Canada. A quick stop at the Canadian Tim Horton’s for delicious munchkins and hot coffee for the troop is a must-do too. A modern twist to the classic Canadian frontier! Driving the entourage up a hill one can catch a spectacular view of Victoria in the night with twinkling stars above and twinkling lights of a largely refined civilization below. The wonderful sublimation of nature and the art of fine living make up the cultural defines of Victoria. It’s one of those places that makes a lasting impression and charms with its finesse quite like none other. If not for all the acquisitions and achievements, being nice is after all is the mark of civility and hence of a civilization!

Laden with the crisp warm winds of the temperate climes, whiffs of maple in the air, with a lot of credit to the affable weather the niceness of Victoria is contagious, when you go be sure to grab your passport and donning the culture, be nice, after all it’s Victoria!


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