On my mind: Double Chocolate Decadence

Desserts as it lexicographically implies are the perfect antidote to the stressed, but chocolates I believe are the perfect antidote to anything. Though still largely unproven by science there is great deal of truth in that statement. And besides I dont have a sweet tooth as such, except for the miraculous chocolate bean of course.  My personal favourite is the Uganda dark chocolate with over 80% cacao in the mix! However back to what’s on my mind.

Tough times require sweet measures, and for any one in for a sweet measure, here’s a big recommendation.

Tucked away in a small market of a teeming capital city is Big Chill Cafe, an almost cult phenomena in Khan Market located at the heart of New Delhi. The food is not as awesome as their desserts and their desserts are not all as awesome as the one in question. The Double Chocolate Decadence. Period.

Layered in a fudge base below a well whipped mousse centre, the chocolatey delight is finished with a generous layer of chocolate dust. It sounds like your typical decadence dessert but tastes truly delicious. One bite and I was floored, roughly 10 years ago, yet am still smitten till this date! And every single time its just the right note of sheer delightfulness. If I had to deploy food as a reward, as a prize then this would be the Oscar. Yes it would. For now, its on my mind.

Thanks to the food enthusiasts of Delhi for the image and the Mesoamericans of course for the chocolate.

Double Decadance Chocolate Cake (Medium)



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