Finding heaven at twenty-seven!

One life is not just one

infact its a myriad of some

memories that are strung

on a line thats highly rung


its a constant exploration

to light deeper illumination

taking one across nations

serving off bleary obligations


the wants, the needs, the haves

the shoulds, the coulds, the woulds

they never tire of accusations

needling the weary permutations


for though we wish joyfuls

we are bound by hopefuls

that want a world of ours

set inset by dream amours


but in tomes of our dreams

are clear divisions made

breaking life into greens

comes handy a spade


inner peace is in the wanting

giving way to all the ranting

what no bundle can buy

is the self-pride of the rye


armed with steady intuition

its time to slay the demon

and find the elusive heaven

at the bend of twenty-seven!







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