Right in the middle of Europe is a country so nice

That is hardly ever does believe in fights

But when the neutral arm does pick up a gun

Its hardly because of a reason of fun

Historically they stopped and stood and waited

But when the time came they were unabated

Even as David they defeated Goliath

without a scare or fear of a Sabbath

Over time they kept what mattered

without changing their fries or their waffles

While melting with chocolate each and every heart

so much that you are hardly left without a start

adding strawberry wonder to the charm

they just about mean to get your palate warm

The gorgeous sights are truly a wonder

so much that they will even pervade your slumber

the pissing boy is the star attraction

even though there is a grave subtraction

On football nights the town gets louder

as they yell with a lot of personal yonder

Dancing all night on a private bus

is the teenagers idea of creating ruckus

Its tiny, its small and its a wonder

with houses so nice and effortless splendour

Living a life on a delightful high

with all the whipped cream and absolutely no sigh

Ushering the world into a new millennium

sits pretty the capital of the European union

All hail to the country half French and half German

All hail the country of courage and grace, Belgium.


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