Putting on your thinking caps

Creative people are vivid thinkers. Most likely because they simply have to be. And when the pressure of performance sets it, it’s quite a challenge.

Here’s an interesting take by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’.

The author suggests that creative insight is best when attributed to a layer in one’s persona. A layer thats a part of the whole but a layer that is not essentially the whole and soul of the matter.

Quite literally it refers to the act of ‘putting on your thinking caps’ to think differently, to think creatively.

A designer I know wears a golf cap at work. Although not world renowned (yet) he has very cleverly learnt to use the cap to his advantage. Needn’t I say he is quite brilliant.

But unlike a cap it could be anything. Some wear a scarf, others believe in a desk, some in direction. Well atleast tou know what to blame if meeting a block. Ahem!

Elizabeth Gilbert’s take


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