(Finding) the Lost Continent …. 1

The second biggest continent and the home to a plethora of the land-based flora and fauna, Africa is sure a tough nut to crack. We started the game hunt (figuratively ofcourse!) in Kenya, at precisely the Masai Mara. Tales from this knowingly lost continent are ever so mesmerizing as they are heart-wrenching. Nature at its purest form, one place where man’s domination is considerably lesser felt and the bearing of whatever would be the antithesis of Europe. A discovery that could put civilisation to shame. Or then maybe not! Well then, further on!

Crossing the Indian Ocean from the east right along the equator brings one from Singapore right above a safari wonderland called Kenya. Nairobi, its capital city is probably the best place to start off with. Elevated at about roughly 1800 m over the sea level it is cool, pleasant and very unassuming. In July its winter, and on the streets are people well-dressed in suits and stockings marching their way to work. Ever so stylish! And a surprise. Well its not Paris, but there’s something about the dressing. Funny how that was the first thing that caught my attention. And then the hoardings. In India fairness is quite a virtue, so “Fair and Lovely” are slogans that dot the advertisements. But here was a “Dark and Lovely”. Ofcourse I must mention that it referred to hair. Well then just as I rolled down the window to capture a snapture, I heard the first of the species, birds. The lovely gulls flocking over trees, billboards, kiosks, migrating to cooler climes and creating a scene. Right in the middle of the city.

And then there were more, with hardly ornithological interests I can hardly claim to name the creatures but sure it was welcoming!

Our first stop was then Lake Naivasha, known for hosting the very pretty and lets say dainty Flamingoes. Frocked in pink and white the tumultous birds flock the lake at different seasons to form a sheet cover on the still waters. As they feed on the fresh-water fish the draftof flamingoes struck a lovely pose and while one flew on for the shutterbugs the other largely followed. Herd-mentality. Thats where it really comes from. Across the blue sky and feet over the silvery waters they framed the lake. The boat-ride bumps one into a family of hippos. Lazy creatures during the day they spend afternoons, grunting and swooshing water, along with the wide-toothed yawning! Well then the world does seem to be at peace on the pretty Lake of Naivasha. The drive had us stop at zebra crossings, oh well I meant as zebras crossed, or as giraffes set an idle stare at the moving cruzers.

Well a moving Day 1.






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