Love or intense liking is “philia” while fear, the opposite of love is “phobia”. And from the construction of the word, Biophilia is love for nature.

Apparently we only save what we love. Human Psychology.

This discovery has caused the green crusade to take a rebirth. What with the ever dwindling resources of the planet. And this time nature needs all the saving that it can get.

In cities, in our urban cocoons we assume that nature is the forest, the lush jungles, something that we would love to travel to, we would love to camp in, a distant thought. It is estimated that when asked to think of  a perfect setting, about 80% people imagine a sunset on a beach, dewy temperate forests or starry nights. All of these are attributed to perfectly natural settings. While all of it is good, in fact great, its time to reconsider exhibiting our  love for nature on a more regular basis, on a more neighborhood level. Tim Beatley, suggests that cities be planned to incorporate bio-scapes, natural sound-scapes and talks of a community that can name fauna rather than logos of companies.  As architecture and the world nose-dive into eco-technology, whether bio-fuels or green-roofs, jute fabric or recycled paper a macro-framework is beginning to be established. But like they say, love cannot be forced upon. The micro-framework then becomes extremely important. The access to parks, neighborhood gardens, understanding the local species, gardening on a micro-level as an everyday event makes a huge contribution in saving the near extinct flora and fauna. With interest often comes the economics. Helsinki, London, New York, Singapore, Oslo are just half of the number of cities that are turning biophilic.

The Swiss know it best when it comes to the love of nature. The pristine countryside tells a volume about their quality of life. Lets get a leaf off their book. Lets vow to spend more time in the bliss of the green, outdoors, and look out for the stars in the sky.  While we are at it lets try naming at least a couple of trees, birds and butterflies. This Valentine’s day, lets give our fragile planet little tender, loving care!

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