Found my chores at twenty-four!

Realisations galore, new ideas lure

for lo! behold am now twenty-four!

A yearful of less warning

and good sense dawning

not to mention the learning

as the year begins to close

Tales of adventure

of not so far dentures

looking for greener pastures

and whirlwind ventures

A new beginning

in corporate living

seeing and working

a novelty in being

Strengthening of the heart

and bonding with the hearth

helps mend things burnt

with a firmer resolve

Ambitions come close

take form and get a hold

for there is much more

in the offing I am told

As I bury another year

spent in considerable fear

and become more dear

to everyone who is near

I learn what I need to know

of patience and brow

of beauty and lore

for I have found my chore!


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