The thing about Play!

Being a mother is exhilarating and exhausting if we dont also add emotionally daunting to the mix already and then it becomes equally excruciating. Enough with the e's already you say. Well its the sleep deprivation that causes alcohol inducing traits in most of us and then the tolerance levels of painful people hits an … Continue reading The thing about Play!


Min Jin Lee takes us on a long and tedious journey in her opus epic by the name of the most popular arcade games in east Asia. Being an immigrant is not easy at all and Japan is no saint. As the novel takes us through the life of Sunja, am assuming she is the … Continue reading Pachinko!


Michelle Obama is an ordinary woman on an extraordinary journey she claims in her aptly titled book. An easy read, becoming is largely endearing bringing out empathy and smiles as the ex-FLOTUS herself takes us on a journey through her life. She is the quintessential woman, one we find everywhere in the world who prioritises … Continue reading Becoming