When minus is a plus!

We like in such skewed times, and we have a Virus to crown for it. The rapidly mutating and evolving virus is fast overtaking our immune systems, only time can tell us where this takes us for even the most well-intentioned keel is being brought to their knees. Staying home seems to be the only … Continue reading When minus is a plus!

Project Focus No 3: Featherlite Retail Store

Project Data Type: Featherlite Retail Store Location: Hyderabad, India Area: 4500 sft Year: 2019 Photographs: Vishal Siddamsetty   If space is a canvas, one on which life enfolds, then retail spaces are a prima donna kind of canvas. A space where the product on display is the star, where space itself then takes a back-seat, … Continue reading Project Focus No 3: Featherlite Retail Store